Tuesday, December 10, 2013


We're on day 5 of Icepocalypse! A nice 3-4 inches of solid scary ice is covering everything in sight. We took a adrenaline filled trip around the block to the mailbox & then decided that was one of the dumbest things we've ever done... We're cozy & warm, & waiting for it all to melt!

You can see here that before the ice age, we started putting up the cedar shingles on the house skirting-- I love them! 

Cabinets are in! And I can't wait to share them with you. Then we're on to tile, floors, & trim. 

Everyone asks the dreaded, "So.. When do you think you'll move in?" My reply.. I don't know! For a professional crew I'm sure it's only a few weeks away, but my guess for us is another two months. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The porch!

Taaada!! The porch is finished! Well, there is a bit of painting and staining still to do, but we are celebrating the victories here friends :)

Remember when it looked like this? Eeek. I can't tell you how many people have walked by and given us compliments/ confessed that they have been scared of this house for as long as they can remember! It's really fun to see how invested the community is in seeing it restored. 

Unfortunately, the brick columns were beyond repair. They look ok here from the front, but the white brick actually is just a facade, and the red brick behind it all was crumbling and deteriorated. So, we made the decision to knock them out completely to restore the structural integrity of the porch.

I love this little angled detail by the front door! We actually laid the boards this way to save a bit of money on 2x4s (since the shorter ones are cheaper), but I think it's just such a special detail. We'll stain the porch eventually and remove the screen door.


One step closer! The house has just been insulated, and we will have sheetrock going in tomorrow. Yay!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Instagram Silhouette Sale

Psssst. Since you lovely ladies are my best friends in the whole of Internet-land, I thought you might want to know that I'm having an epic silhouette sale via Instagram tomorrow night! There will be great deals for both new & returning customers. You can view all of the details & see how to enter to win a 50% discount off your order on my shop Instagram account @OutOfAlabasterSilhouettes 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Closer to home

Celina has been good to us. Look at the beautiful sunflowers they planted to welcome us! 

Remember when when we thought this was going to be all fun and games? Oh silly girl! What was I thinking?! This process is a nice mixture of hard work, excitement, sheer terror, and general trepidation. I keep reminding myself that one day it will be finished! 

In the meanwhile, we're taking lots of time to play and get to know our lovely new town.

We ARE making good progress on our home. The new windows are in, it's about 75% painted, and most exciting of all-- the saggy porch had been structurally repaired! It might look like a bomb went off inside, but the outside is definitely on the upswing!

I know I haven't done the best job keeping you posted, but I promise to share more details soon!

Lots of love,

Thursday, April 18, 2013


There's something about raising your baby somewhere that makes it feel like home.

West, TX is that place for us.

Please pray tonight. That the lost be found, the the injured be healed, and that the hurting families be comforted.

I can't tell you how wonderful a place West is, and was for us. A modern day Mayberry. A place where keys left in your front door are just that.. A simple oops.

We sold our first home, a little blue Czech bungalow just a couple of short months ago-- it's blocks from the blast area. I was stopped in my tracks to hear the news last night, to see houses I RECOGNIZED on fire, the little track I walked when I was 41weeks pregnant, now flooded with ambulances as a community-wide triage staging area.

We called our neighbors last night-most are safe (still trying to get in touch with some) but their hearts and windows are broken. So many more weren't as fortunate.

**update** it is believed one of our neighbors & long-time friend is deceased. He was a first-responder & volunteer firefighter.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This is a story all about how brass is making a comeback.. I can't help but laugh thinking about all the DIYers spray painting their brass fixtures while haute designers are drooling over the same fixture in a slightly different patina. The question is, after two decades of polished nickle tyranny & an attempted mutiny by oil-rubbed bronze, is brass poised to make its way into our homes again? Are the children of the eighties emotionally prepared for this? Will the 'lazy' homeowner be rewarded for their 20years of "I've been meaning to change out those fixtures."

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, how do you feel about brass? Would you ( by this i really mean... Should I) put it throughout the entire home? Just the kitchen? Curious to hear your thoughts.

Or maybe (like my husband) your corneas have been so burned by the glare of polished brass, you can't stand the sight of the stuff!

Fill me in here :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

On home(less) ness.

I've been missing you guys lately. I'm a natural introvert, especially during times of stress, transition, and uncertainty.. and I think that was the real reason behind my little blogging lull.

Sometimes I just need a bit of quiet to get my thoughts and my heart together. Blogging is something that I do to connect with others, and just like in real-life relationships there can be trials and strife when relationships become close. I just haven't had much practice in dealing with the intricacies of negotiating relationships with people I feel close to but have never met in 'real life', so my first reaction to hurt feelings and strange feelings of discord was simply to turn off this part of my life. Maybe it wasn't the best decision, but it certainly proved to me that just like I would call a friend and make-up over a cup of coffee, that it's time to put on my big girl blogging panties, confess my heart, ask for forgiveness and blog on!

My little (big) girl is just growing like a little weed! This was her first ice-cream cone. I think it's obvious that she's now 100% thrilled about me taking pictures of her..

Let me catch you up on the most recent happenings of our crazy move to Dallas:

  • Our adorable little blue bungalow sold really quickly. So quickly that we had to move in with my parents and send all of our things into storage while we began building our new house. 
  • Daniel is working away during the week, and coming home on the weekends :( We are going on our fourth month of commuting like this, and it's hard!
  • That house that should have been built already..yeah. They never even started it. 120 days, a fat deposit, and the builder didn't even have our foundation poured. Super scammy booo!
  • We found a 'new' old house to restore! By 'we' I mean Daniel did. I thought he was a crazy goon who wanted to buy a house that others were just going to tear down. 
How is it that we went from building a brand new home to buying the oldest one we could find? I'm still not sure, but I can say that I'm 100% in love.. with this house, and with my sweet husband who spotted & inquired about this house months before it ever went on the market. It has all the makings of being a place of warmth and love, and through all of the negotiations, repair bids, appraisals, re-appraisals, and further negotiations, I never allowed myself to fully accept that it could really be ours. But Daniel did. He did from the beginning. He wasn't willing to settle, he fought diligently with sound reason and much prayer. I almost cant believe it, but it's finally settled. Papers are being signed, and restoration will soon begin on our 'new' home!
These are some little mock-ups I made of the renovated exterior. Do you have a favorite?

For now, we are blooming where we are planted, enjoying lots of time with our family, and looking forward to the new adventures around the corner. I promise to keep you posted! 

Lots of love,