Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy-Peasy Baby Dress

As I mentioned before, I am NOT an experienced seamstress by any means. My first independant sewing project was this blanket, and my second was this dress for Selah.
Do you see that itty bitty Earmes-era chair?
It ranks as my all-time favorite thrift-store find.  $18.00 Huzzah.
I try to find projects that I am really stoked about completing, so that I have the motivation to work through the kinks and learning curve of being a new sew-er (seamstress sounds so dated). That way, I love the idea of the end result so much, that I wouldn't dream of not finishing the project.

*Ahem* not that there are any unfinished projects laying around my house!

I followed the  Prudent Baby: Snappy Toddler Top tutorial. It's great for beginners, and there are awesome step-by-step pictures to help you out! Of course, being me, I made some modifications.

  1. I used some IKEA fabric, Susanna, multi-color stripe, to make the collar and add some trim at the bottom hemline. Actually, the body of the dress is made from an IKEA sheet I found in the 'discount' section. It's a great place to find cheap fabric.
  2. LOVE Ikea.  
  3.  I added a few inches to the pattern to make it dress-length. I just found a dress that was the appropriate length and tagged a few inches to the bottom of the pattern. Viola! It's a dress. 
  4. I forwent snappy closures because I had some vintage buttons that I wanted to use. Aaaand I don't have a snappy tool. Minor detail. 

Photos by Bluelily Photography
Have fun. Go make something!



  1. Super duper cute! I'm sure you will be making more. :)

  2. the dress is cute, but that smile is precious! beautiful baby!