Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foodie Tourism, Chef Tats, and Why We Could Never be Spies.

While living in a tiny town definitely has its perks (friendly neighbors and  a little grocery store straight out of Mayberry). Our 'exotic food' choices are very limited. Good luck sister, if you need pine nuts, wonton wrappers, or anything else that didn't appear in a casserole in the 1950's. You'll have to make a trip to town for that!

So, my favorite part of traveling to big-cities is trying new foods. Last weekend we had the privilege of attending my cousin's wedding in Houston. She is an award-winning pastry chef with the most awesome pastry-themed sleeve you could ever imagine! Check out her sleeve in more detail here on Chef Tats.
Beautiful Katie! Photo by Erica Moncada Photography
Afterwards, OF COURSE we hit up Houston's Chinatown for some great eats. My husband has grown to enjoy these little foodie excursions, although he has also learned that they come with a price. My philosophy is a little embarassment is always worth some yummy food! 

Example: The dim sum ladies nearly lost their minds over Selah.  In fact, I'm pretty sure we caused the first ever dim sum cart TRAFFIC JAM... I think we were angering some patrons waiting for congee. Seriously.

Our General Rules of Foodie Tourism
1) We will almost certainly be the only Caucasian people present
2) Pointing and exaggerated gesturing will be involved in ordering most food
3) Frequent illegal U-turns is just part of the fun of finding great places
4) See number 1, and add in the fact that I am 6ft tall...and Daniel 6'7" ALSO we are toting a happily- shrieking, curly-headed blue-eyed baby
                            **WE COULD NOT BE SPIES** Bummer.
Top: Dim Sum, Chicken Feet and Shumai
Bottom: Banh Mi and Bubble Tea