Monday, June 27, 2011

Momma Guilt

I have some really fun things to share in the next few days, a little embroidery project,  and a sourdough recipe, but I felt like I needed to talk about something else first.

Today, I did something that makes me feel really guilty as a mom. Especially, as a mom who prescribes meeting the needs of my child over the 'prescriptions' of popular culture. 

This morning, I got all wrapped up in the fact that Selah hates 'tummy time.' I watched a video of a cute little playmate of Selah's scooting across the floor, and a I started COMPARING my daughter. Then I started QUESTIONING myself. 

It went a little like this..
 "Selah doesn't scoot around yet. She doesn't even try to scoot. Is she ok? Maybe I haven't done a good enough job making her do 'tummy time'? Oh no. Today we will do tummy time."

So, succumbing to the pressures of the 'tummy time' police, I put my happily playing baby on the floor on her stomach, and it went a little like this..

"WAAAAahHHHH wah WAH wahWAHHHHHHH." All this from a baby that can easily go a week without crying.

And I'm even more ashamed to say, I didn't pick her up. I thought she'd get used to it, and stop crying. She didn't. She kept crying, and cried for about ten minutes. Then, when I picked her up, she cried some more just to let me know how upset she was. I could tell she was confused. I don't let her cry without responding, because she rarely cries at all. She even had the little out-of-breath hiccups :(

I made her cry because of my own COMPARISON. This makes me sick, that she would suffer because of my own issues. She'll learn to walk just fine I'm sure, just like the BILLIONS of other babies around the world who never did 'tummy time'.(Thanks friends for bringing this to light.) The truth is, her needs are being met. She's usually in my lap reading with me, rolling around on the floor playing, or in the baby wrap if  I'm working around the house. She is getting just what she needs. She does not need to cry on her stomach, head buried in the carpet, for extended periods of time. 

Why did I let Dr. Google get to me? Comparing my kid, really?? Why did I choose my own feelings of inadequacy over the needs of my child? Hmmmm. Food for thought. I think some self-examination is in order. 

Any words of wisdom?



  1. I have guilt and my baby is still in the womb! Comparisons and books are my enemy, so I just stick to God's word. Live and learn right! I'm sure Selah will have no problem crawling and walking in her time. Hang in there Momma!

  2. Remind me to share with you the "Woman to Woman" article from an old newsletter called The Mothers Companion.
    Excellent and used as a measure for many recommendations concerning who/what to listen to.

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  3. Oh, Stephanie here, though posted as anomymouse!