Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silly little tidbits...

The post in which I reveal way too much nonsense about moi!

1) I just got these shoes, and they are rocking my world.Perfect for casual summertime. I seriously contemplated writing an entire blog post about them. I AM NOT KIDDING. I have it that bad for these shoes. Holy Moly!
Simply Lovely.
2) I have one particular bra that puts me in a bad mood every time I wear it. It pokes my side all day long. I hate it. But I still wear it. I should really stop; it'll probably give me tetanus or something.

3) My creative tenancies got me into trouble as a kid more than once. I once cut fabric out of the foot of my parents bedsheets (convinced they wouldn't notice) to make clothes for my stuffed bunny.

4) I drove the same vehicle, my first, for 10 years. My trusty 'Teal Mobile.' I got it $3,000 cheaper because no one liked the paint color. I didn't like it at first either, but it grew on me.*tear* I sorta miss it.
The 'Teal Mobile'
5) I am completely unproductive without shoes on. It's like they give me superpowers or something. I have to put on my tennis shoes if I need to do housework. Mostly, I'm barefoot. I'll let you do the math.

6) Once, I stuck pantyliners in my shoes, because I misplaced my shoe insoles and I was in a hurry. One slipped out of my shoe at work, in front of my boss. *crickets chirping*

7) I still sleep with my baby-blanket. Hey! My mom made it for me! I put it over my head every night. In college I had a night-owl roommate, and I just got used to sleeping that way..I've done it ever since.
Ducky. Thanks mom!
8) I like to paint, but it's really more of an exercise of self-torture. I'm never happy with the results, and my paintings just kinda fill up closets until I'm so absolutely fed up with them that I toss them out. Grrrr.
Exhibit A

9) I love mushrooms. My family enjoys going to the mushroom festival each year. We are nerds. Nerds  who love mushrooms. Minus Daniel. He hates them, and he thinks that we are gross mushroom-eating nerds. 
10) This is our dog Bailey. She looks cute here, but don't let her fool you. She is a slimy drool machine; it's like a giant white hair-shedding slug lives in my house. Slimy trails everywhere. Bleh. Daniel dances around her each morning in his black slacks shouting 'keep away.' It's hilarious. She is super sweet, so she stays.

And there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know..



  1. Laughed until tears ran down my face and Dad said, "You know the baby is sleeping upstairs:/

  2. Aw, I remember seein' the Teal Mobile in the BCS parking lot :-) Jeeps are the best! My little red Cherokee just keeps on truckin' :-)

  3. Love those Toms!! They aren't on the website- where did you get them? :)


    Here they are Kayla, but they are out of stock on the website. If you go down further on the pg click on "Find a Retailer" and you can call the listed stores around you and ask. I got mine at Hearts and Crafts over by BU.