Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can you teach an old house new tricks?

I have a thing for old houses. I just love them... but they do tend to offer up some challenges. This is the very first house Daniel and I lived in after we got married. We rented it from the most hilarious 94 year old lady. Paying the rent was a challenging social affair, IF you could get her to hear your knock at the door.

I begged Daniel to rent this teeny one-bedroom house, as opposed to getting an apartment. It had squirrels in the attic, a dryer on the back porch, and an ugly non-functional furnace in the dining room. I took it upon myself to paint the furnace like a grandfather clock, and I hung a clock on the top portion of it.
Hee hee. The address was always wonky.
All of this to say.. the furnace has come back to haunt me at yet another home. And yet again, it is in the dining room. It is functional, but unnecessary since we do have central heat and air. And we could rip it out, but that would be WORK, and we'd have to replace the floor and wall behind it.

So.. I'm thinking of painting a furnace again. Do normal people do this? IS THIS CRAZY?? Internet peoples, please tell me if this is nuts. Should I just paint it white, or do another clock? Any other ideas? Heeeeeeeeeeelp me.

Lots of love,


  1. Depending on how formal the room is- you could paint it a dark/contrasting color and paint the middle rectangle section with black chalkboard paint. You could then write fancy menus on it or let Selah create custom artwork. :) I would say try to paint it and if you still hate it- rip it out. (This is just a fun suggestion- I have no experience with chalkboard paint. Lol. Always easier to be more adventurous with OTHER people's walls, isn't it. :)). Hope it works out!

  2. I don't think white is the right choice. The clock was adorable and whimsical and is the right choice if you would like a clock there. Wouldn't you love an excuse to find an old clock? I love clocks and always need a reminder of the time. I think that Kayla's idea is cute too and another way to make it functional. However, it is kinda low for y'all tall folks to write on regularly and kinda small and tall for a kiddo's art space. I vote for a dark color clock. It just doesn't really blend in with the same color as the walls as much as I had hoped. It is just too big to disappear. When you feel like tackling it, later, take it out:)

  3. I definitely think clock, or at least something decorative! Since I live in Arizona I don't have a furnace, but when I lived in California it was so cold and our furnace was so UGLY! Haha!

    I say, paint that sucker!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  4. oh my goodness i LoVe the chalkboard idea!!!!!

  5. YES the Chalkboard idea is great Kayla!!