Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Farewell Friends

Today we said our goodbyes to some dear friends. Goodbyes are sad, even when you know change is an integral part of life and so on and so forth…and all those other grown-up things people tell themselves to squelch the ever-rising lump in their throat.

We combated that little lump in the throat feeling with the absolute antithesis of sadness...PIE. yum yum. Hah! Take that sadness. 
Love you.

The special girl requested good old-fashioned pie made the nostalgic way…made with pie filling! So, that is what she got.

 I’ll tell you a little trick though. I use two cans of filling for each pie. One, straight from the can, and the other with the fruit rinsed from the filling. Thatta way there is more fruit in the pie. Sneaky. Also, I sprinkled the top with some Swedish Sugar just for fun. 
The bunting for the pies can be found here. It's a free printable that includes the entire alphabet in an array of color choices. You can spell anything you like! Super cute. 

Pie is a happy dessert. It is honest and sincere. Pie communicates love in a way that cake can only envy. Don't laugh. I'm serious here people. It has been studied with the utmost scientific fervor. Try it for yourself and see :) 
Cake vs. Pie.
Lots of love!


  1. Red Velvet wins every time with me...but..beautiful pies :)

  2. Thanks! I'm a Coconut Cream Pie girl myself, but alas this was not factored into the study!