Monday, July 11, 2011

a little shopping..

I'd say 90% of Selah's wardrobe is from thrift stores. Why? The clothes are a fraction of the price and look brand new, that's why! It does take work to visit shops regularly and sift through to find pieces that you really love. That means that days like today, when I just click and buy something, are extra-special!

All that hard work thrifting means that on occasion, I can splurge on a brand-new outfit like this one! This is the darling little number by Acoustic that I got for Selah. ADORABLE. Of course, it's from Zulily. I guess even in cyberspace I can't get away from my thrifty nature.

 Have you checked out Zulily yet?? If not, you really should. They rotate different brands everyday and always have a steep discount on some really nice stuff!

Lots of love!


  1. YES!! You certainly do. They wear pretty things :)