Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(A Romantic) Comedy of Errors

My husband is a big guy... 6'6, linebacker type. This is how he describes people when he's talking to me.. in football terms. You should know that he knows EVERBODY. Or, I should say, everyone knows him. When Daniel is relaying stories to me every person gets a height, weight, and hair color breakdown. It goes a little like this.

 Daniel says,"Hey, I saw so-and-so at the bank today."
*my blank face*
"You know..brown hair, 5'10, about 210, stocky build."
*my blank face*
"You know..the tire guy/AC guy/mechanic/old friend/broker/church friend/college buddy.."
*my blank face*

I'm notoriously great with names..Then I just usually shrug and say "Oh really..."

Since Daniel knows everybody, he always has great hook-ups. For painting, car-repairs, you name it--he knows a guy. The thing is these hook-ups don't always work out so well. Don't get me wrong, we have gotten so RIDICULOUS deals in the past, but it doesn't work for everything.

A little while back, Daniel decided that he was going to work his mojo to get me some flowers from 'a guy.' They owned a little gift shop/flower shop in town, and so Daniel called him up and described exactly what he wanted. When Daniel arrived to pick up the flowers, he was horrified. The owner's wife had specially made a FAKE flower arrangement, tastefully studded with flocked embossed roses. Behold the beauty.

Of course, Daniel felt he couldn't say anything, lest he offend everyone involved. Then he dutifully delivered that fake arrangement, plus a bouquet of fresh roses to me at work!  I tossed the arrangement, but kept one petal in our memory book. It still makes me laugh.

Rewind to last week, and Daniel decides to get me flowers again. (Do you see a theme here? He is SWEET internet peoples.) So, it made it all the more hilarious when my beautiful arrangement was delivered (he had it DELIVERED <3 ) , with this card.

The only problem.... his name is Daniel. When I stopped laughing, I almost didn't even want to tell him. Poor guy. He thought that it was funny too, but has sworn off using any (of the two) florists in our tiny town!

Lots of love,

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  1. Hahaha aww, what a wicked sweet gesture though!

  2. So, hilarious! You should have taken a picture of the fake arrangement! Sounds hilarious!