Friday, July 22, 2011

Trivia! and a Real Food Update.

Do you know what this vegetable is?

It's PEA SHOOTS!  Did you get it right?

I had never tried them until recently; I got these at an Asian grocery store on a big-city adventure. They were delicious after just a quick saute with a little garlic. Yum. They tasted faintly pea-like and fresh. I also put some on a tuna sandwich instead of lettuce. Divine. I just wish I could get some more!!

And now for the REAL FOOD update. I mentioned in this post that we are striving to eat real food, and doing our best to avoid purchasing packaged foods. We are buying raw milk and farm-fresh eggs. Cottage cheese, grains, and other hard cheeses have been our only 'packaged' purchases.

Psychologically, this has been an adjustment.
Budget-wise, this has not been as difficult as I thought it might be.

Lets talk budget first. Our raw milk is $6 a gallon, and eggs $2 a dozen. We are choosing to drink less milk, so we can afford a higher-quality product. Whereas we could guzzle 3 gallons of skim milk a week, we are now down to one gallon a week. I've found that raw milk stretches further, because my body feels like it is getting the nutrition it needs with a reasonable serving size. I skim the cream from our milk, and we use that for making salad dressing, having with coffee, or drizzled over fruit.

Local meat is cheaper and better quality than normal in our tiny town because of all the cattle nearby, so we buy that from our little grocery store. We purchase some produce, cheese and other dry ingredients (oatmeal, brown rice, flour, etc..) in bulk from Aldi (in Dallas) and freeze what we won't use immediately. Otherwise produce is purchased from good 'ole HEB or Walmart. Right now, I am being selective about what items I buy organic, and which I don't. I just follow the dirty dozen guidelines.

Now for the mind games. We didn't toss out the packaged items that we already had in our pantry, so there remains some packaged foods. Triscuits, breakfast cereal, a cake mix, boxed pilaf, etc.. Would you know, that I find myself drawn instantly to the remaining junky food? It's so dumb. I need to reprogram the way that I think about food, and honestly retrain my taste buds. It's like I'm going through food-chemical withdrawal!

Another psychological component is championing this cause within my marriage, and taking ownership of planning and preparing each meal for my family. If I plan and prepare the meals, then most stumbles can be avoided, but if I suggest going out for ice-cream, there will surely be no complaints! What a responsibility!

All in all this transition is going great, and I think it's a lifestyle choice that we can maintain. I want for our family to eat truly nourishing food and I feel like this is just the beginning. If you have any comments/suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Lots of Love,


  1. this is so inspiring Lindsey! can't wait to see how it sure to share some recipes!!!

  2. whoo hoo!!! Go Lindsey!! : )

    Oh boy do I KNOW from experience how challenging of a shift this can be! But, BUT, you will get used to it... and then doing meals the "old" way will seem strange! I have a wealth of resources and websites I could send your way... but I don't want to overwhelm you! Is there a specific topic you are interested in learning more about? What gave you the motivation jump into the world of whole, raw, organic foods? : )

    Tip: this may seem simple, but if you will keep a food journal of what you all eat two wonderful things will happen. (1) you will become more aware of what your diet is truly lacking and (2)---and this one is more practically important in my family life---you will be able to remember the great new meals you've tried instead of saying "now I know we like something I made a couple of weeks ago... what was that??" : ) The new things are harder to remember because they aren't yet habit.

    Anywho, didn't mean to write a book here!

    And no, I didn't guess right that those were pea shoots, but I want to try some now, sounds yummy!


  3. Elise! I'd LOVE to have any resources that you want to send my way, and the journal is a great idea. I'm not a super recipe-follower, so I tend to just make things up and then forget about them shortly after.

    I think it's funny that we are talking about this now, because my first memory of real food is having a natural peanut butter sandwich at your house as a kid. (For the record, I didn't like it!)

    As for the motivation, it's multi-faceted, but mostly I just want to be healthier, and I want Selah to grow up eating this way from the get-go.

    I'm looking forward to hearing for you; you can just e-mail me the resources. (Send me some of your fav. recipes too!)

  4. LOL... I've got to tell my mom that! : )

    I do forget sometimes... and unintentionally take it for granted... how blessed I am for all the leg-work... literally years of research... my mom has taken out of the whole natural food process for me.

    Look forward to sharing with you, I've been so blessed by all your sharing here on your lovely blog! I will email you soon!