Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinterest Love

Just waxing on poetic about Pinterest. It's a visual collection of generally nifty things! There are great ideas for recipes, DIY projects, and decorating tips. I thought it might be fun to ever now and then go through some of my favorites. So here you have it.

The Yellow Edition.

1. Styling leather and silver bangles from Etsy.
2. Super-cute felt flower tutorial. Perfect for pillows, hairclips, and everything that needs a flower...which, face it, is everything. Tutorial here.
3. High-waisted matching baby and momma skirts with free pattern.
4. Stenciled staircase. Promise me you will do this if you have stairs. PROMISE ME. (I think I'm going to do this to our front porch steps) Stencils sourced here.
5. Banana pudding in mason jars. Adorable.
6. Embroidered Matryoshka Onsie from moi! Tutorial here.

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Lots of love,