Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sourdough Flop

I made a sourdough brick. It was not worthy of being called bread. Bummer.

(Sidenote: I taught my 18 month old niece, Mercy to say 'Bummer.' It is the cutest thing, and she uses it correctly!)

I was so mad that it didn't turn out, I did not take a picture of the baked loaf, but just imagine the un-baked loaf a shade of brown. It didn't rise at ALL. I hate wasting things, so I thought maybe I could make it into croutons. The only problem is that I may have to get a chainsaw to cut the loaf into cubes.

I used a starter given to me by a friend, and a recipe that relies on the starter's natural leavening without any yeast. The bread did rise during the proofing time, but it took way longer than it should have and it didn't rise as high as it should have either. I'm guessing it just wasn't an active enough starter to begin with?? I used white whole wheat flour, would this mess anything up?

Any tips from sourdough bakers out there? Heelp me.

Lots of love,


  1. So sorry, girl! I wish I had good advice to give but I've yet to venture into bread making myself. :( You are probably right on the starter just not being active enough, though--sounds right anyway! :)

  2. Kelley- if you had it in the sun in the tea jar maybe it got too hot and killed the yeast?

  3. Hey it's Katie, your cousin! Bread baking is very complex! Breads without yeast often need some extra love to get them started. Sometimes you can use a flour like Rye flour to get the natural yeast feeding on the carbohydrates. Try replacing some of the whole wheat flour with Rye flour. You may also want to be sure you are using Bread flour. If you are using regular whole wheat flour, it may not have enough protein for the natural yeasts to feed on, which would inhibit the growth/rise of your bread. You also want to avoid organic flour, organic flour takes a little more tweeking of a recipe. Out of curiosity, what was the proofing time the recipe gave you? Try to read on levain breads. They are breads made without yeast. You may have more luck finding facts/tips on it rather than sourdough! Good Luck! (I have a great recipe if all else fails, but it takes about a week!)

  4. Katie! I had some rye flower sitting on my counter, and i was *this* close to adding some in. I'll have to try again. The proofing time was 3 hours, but it did nada. So, I left it overnight. It rose the tiniest bit, and I just baked it.

  5. I would give it another shot with the rye flour, if you can get your hands on another starter!