Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baylor t-shirts and little bear ears..

Football season is upon us, and as a two-time graduate of Baylor University, I am more than happy to support the Baylor bears!

Daniel, the football junkie, has already been to two games this year. Me, no. I have sat on my bottom on in the air-conditioning watching my Facebook feed to determine how the game is going. In my mind fall = football, and it's not fall around here yet! When the temperatures are in the 70's perhaps I'll grace the Bears with my presence at a football game. Mostly though, I just want to make Selah some cute ears like these that Mercy wore last year!
my little Mercy-moo!
In the meanwhile, I will show my support by creating t-shirts for my friends. Heather had a great idea for a creative Baylor shirt, and I made these last week for her and her roomate! They are true Baylor fans.. way to go girls!
true fans..
Lots of love,