Tuesday, October 25, 2011

House Tour: hallway

I know what you're thinking.. come on, Lindsey. A tour of your hallway? That sounds super exciting. Here's the thing though, this is no ordinary hallway. I like to think it's pretty freaking awesome, and it is really funny to hear people's exclamations as they turn the corner for the first time.

I decided to paint the mural late one Pinterest-intoxicated night. You can read the entire post here. I ordered the hopscotch decal from here, but I'm betting you could easily make a similar design with your little Silhouette, or Cricut, or other amazing cutting machine that I am going to climb into your window and steal!

I've discovered that somewhere deep inside my decorating self is a desire to make my home fun! As an artist ... (Whoa Buddy....what did you just call yourself? Yep. Take that, internet peoples, and don't think I did so flippantly. It took a lot of soul-searching and prayer to be able to finally say that. I will share an entire post about this soon.) Anyhow, as an ARTIST, and a mom, I have such a heart's desire for my home to be inspirational to Selah. I want it to foster her imagination and inspire fun!

I know it's not the most conventional of spaces. Maybe it's not even tasteful... That's ok if it's not. Perfection is my enemy, and right now I'm on a mission to be who I really am, to create what I feel like, and to love everything that I discover in the meanwhile.

 I'm sure someday someone will paint over my little mural and restore the wall to its prior normalcy, but for right now i like to think of my home as an incubator for creativity.

As much for myself, as for my daughter.


  1. I LOVE IT! And you are an artist! Your home is so cheerful, how can you live there and NOT smile. XoXo

  2. P.S. Is there a better high than a pinterest high? I think not ;P

  3. Wow, love it! What fabulous ideas!!!

  4. Conventional is overrated! I love your house :)

  5. I think it looks fantastic!!! The mural on the wall is really a clever idea.. a painted cross stitch. Too cute. And the hopscotch on the floor will be so fun for your little Selah when she gets a bit older. :0)

    Your Blog Secret Sis!

  6. Your hallway is one of the best hallways I've ever come acros. I bet you make little excuses to get something from another room just so you can walk through it.

  7. Love the hopscotch floor! Fantastic!

  8. My kiddos would LOVE having this on the floor, how stinking fun! I'm following you too:)