Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House Tour: kitchen

I'd venture to say that the kitchen is perhaps the most loved room in our entire house. It's airy, bright, spacious, and there is nothing pretentious about it. Our kitchen isn't perfect, but it begs to process homemade jams, simmer rich stocks, and it serves as the anchor of our home.

I mentioned before in the tour of our porch, that this was what I like to think of as a 'normal person' remodel. Nothing fancy-smancy, just sweat and long nights of work. Practically speaking, Daniel and I replaced the warped Formica counter-tops and installed a farmhouse sink with a new faucet. In addition, travertine flooring was installed. The counter-tops as well as the sink, free-standing island, and shelving above the stove were all purchased from Ikea. They were mind-blowingly affordable and have a modern-yet-earthy look.

In some way, I feel like the kitchen appreciated that one-on-one attention, the fact that we healed it's little wounds and didn't completely rip it all out and discard its eighty years of character. The result is a nostalgic and unique space that blends seamlessly with the rest of our home.

All of the cabinetry is original to the house, just spruced up with a little paint and new knobs and pulls. The cabinet doors were removed to create open shelving, which displays my great-grandmother's china. I make a point to actually use her china in addition to our other dishes; in fact, I feed Selah oatmeal every morning from the delicate tiny bowls. It seems to make her a part of our everyday life, and I love that.

It also makes unloading the dishwasher a breeze, and Daniel loves that!
the pompom curtains make me happy :)
My mother's, grandmothers', and great-grandmothers' serving pieces and knick-knacks, live above my stove.They bring love and wisdom, and create a atmosphere filled with the inspiration of women who have nourished my soul. 

I etched the glass window looking into our laundry room so guests wouldn't be appalled at my piles of dirty laundry. Purely selfish reasons.. You can purchase the vinyl decal as a custom request from this Etsy shop. Daniel built the dishwasher stand himself, using an extra piece of Ikea counter-top. He's so handy..and I'm so thankful to have a dishwasher!

This mid-century painting of a man pounding yucca is also from my great-grandmother, a memento of the years she spent in Haiti. I cherish it for so many reasons, and I just adore the vibrant pop of color it brings!

Decorate your home with items that are personal to you; I find that it lens intimacy that can't be reproduced. If you look at my kitchen, you can get a little peek of who I am. Make you home a true reflection of you, and don't worry about anything else. I hope that you unpack your china and use it for dinner tonight :)

Lots of love,


  1. LOVE the tour!!- kelley

  2. Lindsey: Your kitchen is darling! Great job! I love all the vintage touches and your grandmother's china especially! So much that I think I need to ask what the pattern is :).

  3. Jenni- The pattern is made by Limoges, and it's the American version (not the French) it's name is New Princess. This is the yellow-rimmed ridged variety.. I think they make a pink-rimmed and a smooth as well.

  4. Wow! What a fun design. I love it. You have an obvious flare for design and I think you did a fantastic job here.

  5. Seriously, lady - STOP being so talented. ;) It's lovely!

  6. WOW - your house looks awesome! I LOVE the kitchen...and Ferdinand in the bedroom=)

  7. Your kitchen is rad! It just gave me some thanks for sharing! :)


  8. Love the green. Your kitchen looks so welcoming!

  9. I love that you did a tour, that is just such a fun idea!

  10. I love this!!!! What a fun space :)