Sunday, October 16, 2011

House Tour: porch

I think anyone who has lived in an old house understands having a love-hate relationship with their home. I love that we have glass doorknobs, french doors, and a huge breezy porch. I *do not love* that our pipes freeze every winter, our wood floors squeak so loudly that they wake the baby, and that I hear (squirrels??) in the walls.

When we purchased our home, it was what you would call a 'fixer-upper.' It took us three years to complete our renovations, because we did almost everything ourselves, paid cash for it all, and lived in the home at the same time. Finally, I can say with relief that we are finished. The outside still needs landscaping and a privacy fence, but the inside is complete!

Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to show you around a bit! We'll start out with the porch and, and go from there :)

The  Band-aid House. That's what we nicknamed it. Isn't it AWFUL? The sweet former owner explained that she sent her husband to the store with a sample of a  perfectly boring shade of taupe, and that for some reason he decided he'd rather pick a different color himself. When he got home with this horrible peachy-orange paint, it was too late to return it. Husbands, let this be a lesson to you all...


Our home was built in 1931, and is a traditional Czech craftsman-style home. I wanted a modern-yet-traditional paint scheme to show off the intricate wood work on the eves. We fell in love with this scheme from Sherwin Williams.
The wrap-around porch is one of our favorite aspects of this house. In the fall we sit outside and wave to all the 'regulars' passing by. I like to prop up my feet and read a magazine, and Selah crunches on leaves and waves at every car.

 I did my best to create an extension of our home, outdoors ,by repurposing a rug and an old trunk to mimic an indoor living space. Hanging ferns give a feeling of lushness and privacy, and of course, there are succulents scattered about. The address placard and mailbox tie into the deco craftsman era, and are two of my favorite pieces on the porch.
Selah approves.
Stay tuned for a tour of our master bedroom next! It's pretty over-the-top, and I'm afraid you all will never let me live it down.

Lots of love,


  1. What a gorgeous outdoor living space. I absolutely love that deep blue color... beautiful!

  2. You guys did an incredible job! Your house is beautiful!

  3. What an incredible job! I already loved how it looked like before, but I'm loving the after photos even more! I wish you can renovate mine too! LOL!

  4. I love how you call your house The Band-aid House =). Who named it that? I also love how your house looks now. It's more vibrant, and the colors are more alive than in your former house. You're doing a great job!!!

  5. LOVE the color you painted the house. So beautiful :)