Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Birthday Planning

 I  *know* I'm in the middle of a mini-series here, but I just had to make a little interruption to share with some exciting sneak-previews of Selah's first birthday party!

I promised myself I wouldn't make a big deal of this birthday planning...I'm going to try my best not to get stressed out. There will be no pony rides or balloon animals. Just a sweet, small family and friends get-together to celebrate our little girl's first year!

These invitations were made by my amazingly talented friend, Sara Hinkle. She is a freelance illustrator, mommy extraordinaire, and an awesome undercover foodie-chef. Basically, she's everything rolled into one fabulous person. If you are interested in your own custom illustration, you can contact Sara via e-mail at or Twitter @sarawithoutan_h
Selah's party is going to be a  'Sweetie-Pie' themed event, with lots of handmade touches from my Etsy friends, and most importantly lots of pie! I'm planning to make pie pops, mini mason jar pies, and big-people pies too. MMMmmmmm.  No cake here ;)

Here are a few special touches I have gathered together for Selah's special day.

 1. Paper straws
 2. Red and aqua Happy Birthday banner - KeriKat Designs
 3. Vintage Tablecloth - Vintage Goodies
 4. Cherry Pie Wreath - Fanciful Felt by Bourdiers
 5. 'P is for Pie' vintage flashcard - More Loose Ends
 6. Felt apple party favors - Mud Pie Kids
 7. 'Sweetie pie' stamped serving spoon - Tiny Matchbox Studio

I'm really excited to share the whole party with you all in a few weeks!

Lots of love,


  1. Looks like it will be awesome, Lyndsey!!! Looking forward to the b-day pics! :)

  2. Wow, what a fun little invitation that is! Her birthday will be perfect :)

  3. A pie theme is brilliant! I love how clever those invitations are. Even in the SHAPE of a slice of pie. How wonderful. I'll be interested to see how everything comes together. I think it's going to be great. :)


  4. I LOVE those invitations! And the theme is to die for, how adorable!

  5. The theme is genius, and the invitations are absolutely adorable! Love the Sweetie Pie spoon!

  6. Oh wow! It looks like it's going to be fabulous!! You have lots of talented friends. :0)

    Love, your secret sis!

  7. What a cute party idea! I'm so happy to see Sara is making party invitations now! She's seriously so talented. A while back she made us a letter "H" for our baby, Henry and it's one of my favorite pieces of artwork in his room! Yay!

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