Sunday, November 6, 2011

A new era

Folks, we have turned a corner with little-miss-Selah in these last few weeks. She is cruising, loudly voicing her opinion, and it seems, growing up before my very eyes.

I have talked about our adventures with baby-led weaning before, but what I didn't take into account is that it is really BABY LED. Selah and her 8 teeth have taken the initiative and let me know very clearly that she is finished breastfeeding. She doesn't want to have anything to do with nursing anymore; apparently there are far more exciting things in this world to attend to! I'm a little surprised that our breastfeeding journey ended a few weeks shy of her first birthday, but here we are.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen some of my tweets about the fact that she is also refusing to drink milk. She won't take it, period. It doesn't matter if it's in a cup or bottle, cold, or warm... internet people, I even tried to give her chocolate milk, and she SPIT IT OUT. I'm not sure she's human...

The antics are just beginning; I know that. She's discovered that she can reach her bedroom doorknob by standing up in her crib. Oh my. Nap-time has become quite a little adventure of explaining that we do not open the bedroom door.. I tell her sternly, but she is SO CUTE. Just look at that little sleepy, milk-refusing, non-sleeping baby!
Perhaps putting the crib next to the door was a lapse of judgement in my nursery designing prior-to-baby days, but here we are.. We might be rearranging soon. Which reminds me, I'll have to post her nursery tour soon!


  1. Hi Lindsey!

    Such a little cutie Selah is!! :) Thinking of you and praying for your sweet little family!!

    Your Secret Sister :)

  2. This is exactly what happened with my daughter, Alea. One day (about two weeks prior to her 1st bday)we sat down to nurse and she just pushed me away and reached for her sippy and never turned back! It broke my heart! Then, like Selah she wouldn't drink milk. I was so worried and had no idea what to do. Until, I talked to my aunt who also struggled with the same issue with my cousins. She used Yo-J and mixed it with the milk and decreased the amount of Yo-J slowly over time until it was just milk. It worked for both my cousins and Alea too! Maybe it'll work for Selah too! It's worth a shot? :)

  3. For having a mama who loves milk so you think she'd love it too!

  4. Hahaha oh man, you have your work cut out for you! <33 Good luck with this new stage :)

  5. I LOVE that crib! I want to see the rest of her room! She's such a cutie, mama. :)

  6. Praying for ya right now! Oh...and don't stress about milk...after my second was weaned I hardly ever gave him milk - but just made sure he was eating a balanced diet...and he is just fine. Some kids just don't like it...and it is ok! Happy Toddler-hood!

  7. Oh nooooooo! Don't talk about weaning! My baby is 10 months old and I am not ready! I hadn't even considered the possibility that she might wean herself. Sad mama, here!

    Selah won't take milk? Not even chocolate? WHAT??? Craziness. Good luck with her mama. She's a cutie pie!

    Your Secret Sister