Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One year ago..

Today, as I was walking towards my car in the supermarket parking lot, I paused for a second to tickle Selah's belly -- specifically, that adorable little roll that pooches over the edge of her baby jeans. She giggled, and then let out an infectious baby laugh. I'm sure you know the one... it's the magical ingredient for many a YouTube viral video.
There was a woman quite far in front of us, also leaving the store, who suddenly spun around her heels. It was a fast reaction, almost as if someone had called her name and she was about-facing to respond. I really didn't know what she was doing. Then, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she had forgotten something inside the store. Not the case. She took a couple steps towards me and said, "You know... that's the sound I miss the most." A moment of silence lingered, and then she turned right back around and resumed walking to her car. 

I felt like her words traveled in slow motion into my ears, loooong and drawn out, distorted through an emotional megaphone of sorts. I was frozen, and word after word hit my heart, bringing with it a realization that my little girl is growing up and that she will continue to do so.. and she'll grow and grow and grow until one day I won't hear that little infectious baby laugh anymore. 

That woman in the parking lot felt the power of  my little baby's laugh. She turned around in an instinctual reaction, in a fraction of a second, before her mouth even knew the words her heart was feeling. Then, almost as if she was actually taken aback by her own reaction, she shared her most intimate thoughts with a complete stranger. Oh the power of a mother's love. That little laugh is forever emblazoned in your heart. 
I know there will be other sounds to fill my heart and home as Selah grows. She'll say 'I love you,' read books to her stuffed animals, and have make believe tea-parties filled with lively chatter. The treasured baby-ness will slowly transform into something equally as endearing and loveable. I know this in my head, but right now my heart can't help but feel like I'm holding on to that little laugh with the tightest of clenched fists. 

Because, you know..the truth is, that's the sound I will miss the most. 

p.s. Selah's first birthday is tomorrow
p.p.s. I began this fully intending to share Selah's birth story. That, dear friends, will come sometime after I dry these tears. 

Lots of love,


  1. That story will come when it needs to. Today, you needed to share (and we needed to hear) this one. Happy birthday, Selah!

  2. beautiful story! and i love the name selah. :) new follower here. -- Hilary

  3. Hey, my Lizzy-Jane is turning three tomorrow! Happy Birthday to Selah!

    I too will miss that sound the most! I love the laugh!!

  4. What a beautiful reminder from a total stranger!

    Can't wait to hear the birth story and more about Selah's first birthday!

  5. Well happy early birthday to Miss Selah! And (gulp) my heart rises right up in my throat as I think about time passing with my little one as well.

    We bought this Hallmark Mommy & Me recordable Conversations to Keep at Walmart a month or so ago. I NEED to record his precious voice, because it seems to be moving from toddler to big boy by the hour. This book lets you record little moments for safekeeping and crying over later :) You must get one.

    Oh, and your goodies are officially on their way.

    Oh Oh, and thank you so much for your words of encouragement. They're like precious jewels I tell ya!

  6. Wow what a beautiful post, brought a tear to my eye. It's so exciting watching our children grow up but sad all at the same time. It goes way to fast.

  7. We are blog soul mates today. I just wrote about this same thing! I'm feeling this too hard for my liking these days :(

  8. Tear. This is such a lovely post, and, dear lawdy, those angelic pictures! Happy first birthday, Selah!

  9. So sweet. I too have been savoring those little laughs from my 14 month old. And this reminds me...I should probably get a recording of it, before it's gone!

  10. This brought tears to my eyes. I know that baby laugh you're talking about. It has brought so much joy to me, through each of my three children. When I hear a baby in a store giggling away, I can't help but smile. It is one of God's greatest gifts to us!
    Happy Birthday, Selah!
    (My baby girl turns 1 on the 18th!)
    Love, your Secret Sister

  11. awwww happy first birthday to your girl :) I was way more emotional for my kiddos 2nd birthdays and I dread kindergarten like you would believe!

  12. Awww... I linked to your blog from Prudent Baby & I think I just fell in love. I'm at work, pumping, reading this, and now I'm all teary - thanks a lot! LOL really though :)