Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinecone Extravaganza

A few weeks ago, one of my momma blogger friends, Chelsey, from the Paper Mama asked me to create a post for her mind-blowing 50 DIY Days of Christmas. It's like a shot of Christmas inspiration every day over there!
                              ♥ The Paper Mama
Anyhoo, I thought you'd like to take a peek at what I shared. It's a little something something I like to call:  Pinecone extravaganza!!!!! Pine-cones aren't just for peanut butter bird feeders anymore; they are making a classy comeback! I'm going to show you several adorable ways for you to use pine-cones in your holiday decor this season. 

Mini Pine-cone Cake Bunting
This mini pine-cone bunting is a super easy cake topper, and I think it's adorable... Perfect for a winter wonderland party! You need to build your little bunting first, and then when it's assembled, stick it into the cake. First measure the length for your bunting with embroidery floss; for stability's sake, you don't want to put the candy canes super close to the edge of the cake. Wrap one end of your embroidery floss around a candycane, and secure  the end with a dot of hot-glue. Then, put a teeny dot of hot glue on top of each pinecone, and one at a time, add them to your bunting. Secure the end with hot glue, just like you did with the first one. Then, go back and add your teeny little bows on top of each pinecone. I used a strand of burlap, but you could use embroidery floss, or thin ribbon. Now you can place your bunting on the cake! Yay!
Paint-Dipped Pine-Cone Swag
Because my home is super colorful, I tend to gravitate toward holiday decor that is more understated. This pine-cone swag looks great hanging on my red dining rooms french doors. You could easily make it to fit your own decor, and I think it would look great any color!
1) securely wrap a piece of craft wire around the pine-cone. 2) dip the pine-cone in your paint. 3) hang your pine-cones out to dry overnight 4) hot-glue a piece of jute rope to the top of each pine-cone 5) construct your bow by folding over a rectangular strip of burlap 6) pinch the burlap in the middle, and secure with craft wire 7) gather all of your jute strands together, and tie them in a knot. Be sure to create a loop, so you can hang your swag. 8)Secure your bow around the jute knot you created. 9)cover the wire in the middle of your bow with a piece of ribbon  10) Taada! 

Free Printable Pine-Cone Gift Tags
Oh you know, just because I love you, you internet peoples, you ;) Print these to add that extra little handmade touch to your gifts. Click here to download. 



  1. I LOVE the pine cone swag! I'm a sucker for bows!
    Love, your Secret Sis!

  2. Love the gift tags! One of my to do's for today was to make tags for the gifts we are giving and these are PERFECT! Also, someone gave me a ton of pinecones last year and I wanted to do something with them and wasn't sure what. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love the pinecones! I always think they look so rich. I'm a new follower...hope you'll follow me back! :) -- Hilary

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