Monday, December 5, 2011

A silhouette sale..

 Have you heard of Heartsy? It's the sweetest deal-of-the-day website exclusively for handmade shops! They offer incredible discounts ( from 50-70% off) on individual Etsy shops each day.

My silhouettes will be offered as a VIP exclusive deal on Heartsy tomorrow... yea!!  I have limited my sale to 30 vouchers in order to preserve the integrity of my product (and my sanity). So, if you've been eyeing my silhouettes for a while, now's your chance!! Have that little clicker finger ready!

I'm passionate about shopping handmade, because it's is an important way to support tiny little businesses, and individual families, just like mine :)

Here's a peek at what some of my incredible customers have created with their silhouettes:
Top: Susan's stately men
Bottom left: Lori's lovely ladies        Bottom Right: Lauren's gallery wall
Top: Drea's save-the-date cards
Bottom left: Rachel's blog design           Bottom right: Lauren's birthday invitations
Lots of love,


  1. Fun mail! Fun mail! Fun mail! I get mostly bills, so I was stoked to get your AWESOME package of goodies today. Perfect timing too, I was barfing my guts up, tired, generally hating Thursday. Then my hubs came home at lunch and said, got a package from Texas? I eventually pulled my sick self off the couch to open it. YOU ROCK. The bag, the earrings, the GLOVES! They kinda remind me of Dr. Seuss. I will wear them in the snow, I will wear them with a bow, I will love them and keep them wherever I go. :) Thank you so much. I'll HAPPILY take ya up on the silhouette after the holidays, I'm sure you're slammed. Thanks again!