Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 Great Redecorating Tips

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So, you're in your first home as a sweet couple, or maybe your third, but whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain.. you've got a serious case of nesting fever! Before you go nuts on a Pinterest inspired bender, let me offer a few suggestions.
1) Begin with the space that makes the most impact on your immediate life. For example, my husband and I chose to re-do our master bedroom first, so that we could have a nice place to relax and retreat at the end of our day. Sure the kitchen was probably in more practical need of overhauling, but having one completed oasis made all the difference in preserving my sanity throughout the remodel process. Choose to begin with the room that matters most to YOU. 

2) Don't you dare even lift a finger until you know what you want that room to FEEL like. Do you want it to be fun, peaceful... fresh? Choose a list of two or three words. Then, you can start collecting design ideas that connect with your chosen feelings. 

 3) This means working with the unique character of your particular home. I adore the colorful, whimsical, and kitschy style of my own home, but it certainly  wouldn't work in just any space. For one, I had a giant ugly furnace in my dining room, so I painted it with chalkboard paint. Don't try to make your house look like the beach-side condo you saw in a magazine. Make your space lovable, and livable, and fun. Don't worry about making it perfect; embrace the quirks of your home.

This means decorating with items that mean something to you. Use your grandmother's china. Display individual handcrafted touches. This can be a chair that you painted and re-covered, a cute hand-made garland, your framed love letters.. Add soul to your home. 

4) Do not spend more money than you have. Done. End of Story. If you can't pay for it with real money, then don't buy it. For us,  that meant we spent some time saving money before we began remodeling our home. This also meant that when we finished remodeling our home, we could actually enjoy it without worrying about paying off home-improvement loans. 

Spend your money on pieces that make the most visual impact. In our bedroom, I splurged on a chandelier, and in the kitchen on a giant farmhouse sink. These rooms needed those pieces, it sets them apart and creates a memorable statement. Choose your pricey pieces wisely, and you will get more bang for your decorating buck. 
5) Set a deadline for completing each room. Push hard to complete each room, but take breaks in-between projects. Don't let re-doing your home be the project that never ends. I found the longer I left a project unfinished, the harder it was to go back to it.. Completing one room at a time should leave you feeling encouraged and motivated to move on to the rest of your home! 

That's it! Just a bit of my hard-earned tidbits of redecorating advice :) I hope this encourages you to get going on your own re-do :) 

Lots of love,

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