Saturday, January 21, 2012


 The Cazac's are adventurers! A while back, Daniel and I decided to create a list of  characteristics to describe the identity of our family and some of the things that we 'Cazacs' like to do.  Today was a designated family day, so we went adventuring!  It seems silly now, since Selah is still so little, but I think sharing these character points and activities will be a great way to cultivate solidarity, give identity, and facilitate fun family time as our family life develops.

Since all adventurers must be well dressed, Selah seized the opportunity to pose for a fashion shot.  

Dress: Old Navy
Textured knit tights: Gap
Moccasins: Minnetonka (thrifted)
Sweater: thrifted

We had fun exploring a nearby city. We went to the flea market, tried a new little Puerto Rican restaurant, and hit up few thrift stores. As the sun set, we returned home and walked the nostalgic main street of our tiny town. It was a great family day! 

Daddy cuddles are the best
We found the cutest toy toaster for our little lady!
Selah asking for more mofongo. Yea for foodie babies ;)
I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

Lots of love,


  1. You had Monfongo? Nice! That is some yummy stuff! So new PR restaurant near Waco somewhere???? Of course this happens after we leave! Boo! Glad y'all had a fun day exploring though!!! :)

  2. That last picture is so pretty. And yay for foodie babies indeed. I can't wait to have a kiddo and introduce them to different cuisines.


  3. Oh, she is just so cute. That toaster rocks and that last photo? AMAZING.

  4. selah is so adorable! and she's got awesome style too! ;-)

  5. Janice, there is a new one in Waco! Unfortunately, it really wasn't very good at all :(