Monday, January 2, 2012

Little Laughs

We do a lot of laughing around around our home! I guess that's why I was feeling so nostalgic about Selah growing up when I wrote this post about her little baby laugh.

 I know it's a faux pas to compliment yourself, but I really do think I'm pretty funny... and I like to think that Selah got my sense of humor! I get bored around the house during the day sometimes, so I like to take the time to school Selah in the art of comedy. Good-natured sarcasm is still a little out of her league, but for a baby she's a pretty advanced little ham-bonee. Currently, her genre of choice is general slapstick. 

She thinks it hilarious to put food on her head, turn off the light-switch in her bedroom, and wear my sunglasses. I know I have shared the first little video of Selah laughing before, but I thought it was really fun to compare the two, now that Selah is officially grown up at the ripe old age of 1!
Selah, 4m, laughing'll have to watch it!

Selah, 1yr, laughing SO much. 
 I just can't wait for the days when we can bounce puns and knock-knock jokes off together :) 

Lots of love!


  1. Gahhh I love those videos! Baby laughs are the best :)

  2. Oh, SO cute! I love baby giggles. :) I feel the same way about N & I!