Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Virtual thrifting

I picked up some needle point/crewel wall hangings a week or so ago from the sweetest little old lady. We talked about babies, and about how her five children were all grown up. She said that out of her brood of blue eyed babies, there was one lone daughter had brown eyes..

I'm not a generally chatty person, but I love hearing stories, and especially being privy to stranger's secrets.

The woman told me, 'now, no mother could say this aloud... but secretly, I thought she was the most fetching of the whole bunch!'

Unfortunately, I really have no wall space for these, so I thought I'd offer them off sale here! $10 each for the small and $15 for the large one. **Update: the kitchen themed piece is SOLD**

If you are in/around Waco, then I can just meet up with you, otherwise I'll have to get a shipping quote and get back to you with the amount!

Lots of love,