Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Fruit Fly Traps

It's about to get ugly up in here, friends. Fair warning. If you can't handle the carnage of scattered insect bodies then now's your chance to flee to the hills.
We had a lovely get-away to my grandparents lake house last week. When we arrived home, we were feeling refreshed and rested, ready to take on real-life until.. I opened the kitchen door and *sniff* *sniff* I knew right away

The refrigerator died. 
While we were away on vacation.
It's like it really knew.

After a mad dash to round up ice chests, salvage some of the still cold items from the freezer, and throw out most everything else, I noticed some nice new guests hovering around a bunch of brown bananas on the counter. Goodness. I left bananas out on the counter before we left. 

Fruit flies.
Tiny, pesky, swarming.
Fruit flies.

I knew just the thing to catch those little pesky suckers. It's super easy, chemical-free, and will catch the buggers practically overnight! The added bonus is that I'm sure you already have all of the ingredients on hand.

All you need is dishsoap, vinegar, and a small container to hold the mixture! 
Equal parts vinegar and water, then add a small squirt of dishsoap. Stir gently. (I used apple-cider vinegar here, but I have used regular white vinegar with great results before.)

Set your jar out wherever there seem to be the most flies, or even in a few rooms in your house. 

In about 12 hours, all the gluttonous little fruit flies will have plunged to their soapy deaths. I've seen some 'humane' catch and release traps out there... Sorry, but that's not how I roll friends. 
                                                  Victory is mine!! Take back your kitchens too!


Lots of love,


  1. Ugh, glad you got rid of them. For us to totally get rid of them we had to pour bleach down the sink, since our sink was a breeding ground. Just in case you're still seeing them around, that might help!

  2. I've done this with the apple cider vinegar in a jar with a plastic baggie pulled taught over it, with pinholes poked through. A mason jar and ring with no lid worked perfect. I didn't use the soap and it worked great too!

  3. we had the same problem and used the same thing... it worked great!

  4. I just planted some fruit trees. I will probably have to wait a few years to get some fruit but when I do... I will use this. Thanks!

  5. Thank you! I heard about this on the radio this morning! They said solution was on Pinterest! I am going to try this! The little buggers just started showing up in the last two weeks. All summer nothing.

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