Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is here

Spring is here, and we are loving it! We're doing our best to spend our days outside before the oppressive summer heat rolls in and sequesters us to the air conditioning. Selah's favorite activities are swinging, collecting rocks, and  running down our sidewalk (except for the one crack that she always stops and crawls over). 

It's so much fun to see her discover nature.. the clover, flowers, rocks, and neighborhood animals. She's not the biggest fan of getting dirty though, and runs over to me anytime she gets dirt of her hands! I can she her develop a little more courage each day. Walking faster, running even! Venturing father into the yard, stepping in an ant hill *ouch* and swinging higher and higher. 

These are sweet days.

I hope you're enjoying the weather too!

Lots of love,


  1. Seriously adorable!! And look at all that hair!

  2. Such fun! Spring teased us all last week, and then laughed us off with nasty rainy weather over the weekend. So sorry to see all the ant bites, but at least it looks like you’re making the most of the nice weather!

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