Friday, March 16, 2012

You might just pee your pants.

Jessi, from Naptime Diaries approached me a little while ago and said ... "Hey Girl..I have this idea and it might just blow your mind. How about our Etsy shops be BFFs?" Or something like that..
*and the heavens sang* 
And we know that it was just meant to be.
In the spirit of artistic collaboration, I thought I'd share what Jessi has to say about our new endeavor!

Hi friends! It's Friday and I've got something new to share with you that 

I. do. not. want. you. to miss. 

A few weeks ago, I asked the beautiful and talented Lindsey from Out of Alabaster to make some custom silhouettes of my kiddos. I knew she did talented work and I knew that when you purchased one of her silhouettes, you got a high resolution file that you could manipulate in any form for a million different projects. I started thinking - grandparent gifts! framed silhouettes! coffee mugs! use them on my blog!
etc. etc. etc. 

The only thing is, I was BLOWN AWAY when those files arrived in my email inbox and my mind got to whirling and twirling and I thought - the one thing I'd really like to do with this silhouette is combine it with some colorful designs and scripture. And then I thought, I wonder if anyone else would like the same thing?! And so I propositioned Lindsey to see if she wanted to team up and offer her illustrations in combination with my graphic design. 

And we are so excited to share one part of that with you today in this form: 

We're offering custom silhouettes of your loved ones built into a custom print, at a discount when you buy them both together. When it's all said and done, you get a one of kind print AND a high resolution digital silhouette to use in any other way you want. 

In my Etsy shop, you purchase the custom silhouette design listing and then from there Lindsey will handle the silhouette illustration while I get started on your print. Whatever colors/patterns/scripture you'd like. We'll send you a proof before printing and shipping and you're good to go! 

The silhouette and print package is $35 which is a huge discount on both products when bought together. Unfortunately, we can't apply any sales or promotions to this listing since it takes so much custom design work - but we are still happy to offer buy three, get one free on these prints! 

Just think: birthdays, decorating, Mother's Day, Father's Day, grandparents gifts, baptisms, not to mention all the cool home projects you could do with custom silhouettes of your kiddos! 

Lindsey and I are so thrilled to be working together and we're hoping you're going to love this fun collaboration as much as we are! Get on over to Etsy and check it out! And maybe tell a friend or two if you want:). 
Spoiler alert: 
Right after I got super excited about silhouette prints, I went a little nuts thinking about incorporating silhouettes into BLOG DESIGN. So come Monday, Naptime Diaries may or may not have a facelift and you may or may not get to hear about how we could help you integrate some silhouette action into your branding/logo/blog design!

*eek* It's pretty incredible, right?! 
I knew you'd love it!

If you have purchased a silhouette previously, and you'd like one of these sweet new prints, just use the coupon code ALABASTER at Jessi's shop for 25% off (this makes your print only $15). I repeat. This coupon code is ONLY for customers for whom I have already designed a silhouette, and the only coupon code accepted for these specially-designed prints.

Lots of love,


  1. So pretty, friend! What a wonderful collaboration!

  2. Holy fantastic match-ups Batman!? That's some exciting stuff! Wish I had a secret weapon etsy partner for mySELF *sigh* I think you gals are going to SOAR together. Love, love, love it : )

  3. How exciting! I love the samples; and the idea of using a silhouette as part of your blog design sounds adorable!

  4. This is such a great collaboration! Love it so much!

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