Monday, July 23, 2012

Life in the in-between

Hi friends. I know I need to offer you an apology for my ill-explained, err, not explained at all absence. I have received several sweet inquiries and encouragements, checking in to see if everything is all right. And, the answer is.. yes! 

I tend to be an internal processor, and that's just what I was up to...

Our little family will soon be embarking on a new journey, to a new city, and I just needed a moment to gather my bearings in the midst of all this change. Thanks to everyone for your support! I'll be a little more forthright in the next couple of weeks, but for now, all I can say is exciting things are coming!

p.s. I finally found some time to fiddle a bit with my new camera !


  1. These pictures are so sweet, you're gonna treasure them forever for sure! Blessings on your this new adventure in your life, sweets! Can't wait to hear more :)

  2. I took a little blogging haitus (okay, more like two months) and come back to find your baby is not so much a baby any more! She looks so old! We just moved from KY to Boston...huge move and huge culture shock. I totally understand the need to be quiet in blogland.

  3. Pretty pics, Linz!

  4. The pictures are so gorgeous! I love her little pigtails - so cute! Good luck with the move!

  5. Such a beautiful family - only made more lovely with your new camera! Selah is just the sweetest little thing, you're on blessed mama!

    All the best to your family in this new, exciting season of life!