Monday, September 3, 2012

the Ebola.

You guys. It is hit us hard, and we were completely unsuspecting. One day we were happy, living our lives as content little clams, and the next struck with a stomach virus so awful, it can only be referred to as


Selah- Sunday all day
Me-  Sunday night and all day Monday
Poor Daniel (while away for work)- on Monday night and Tuesday
Daniel's sweet hosts took good care of him while he was away.
Holy smokes. We were taken out, and poor little Selah still seems to be struggling through. She's been throwing up (only at night) for the past few nights. My little sick goober. She's her sprightly self during the day, but it seems to catch up with her in the evening. 

I feel like I've neglected to fill you in lately, and I feel so guilty! .. but this miniature little in-between season has been challenging, if I might be brave enough to share. Then the Ebola hit, and I was just leveled out. Literally.

But we're (mostly) back, definitely on the mend, and one hundred percent ready for some good times! 

Lots of love,


  1. I think you had good reason to be away and it's nice to have you back so no apologies are necessary. Happy you guys are feeling better:)

  2. Oh no! Recently my boyfriend got a very bad ear infection and strep throat. It was horrible. Glad that sickness like that goes away and you are still healthy!

  3. Keep getting well (all of you!)!!! Sending happy healing thoughts to you!