Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No more Lankford girls on the market..

Sorry boys. All of the Lankford girls have now been spoken for! My youngest sister, Leigh, just got engaged, and we can't be more excited for her. I'm just looking forward to helping plan a Pinterest wedding!

( I still can't believe she can even drive.. ridiculous.)

The engagement took place on a perfectly romantic evening at the local suspension bridge, and her sweetie fiance, Austin, did a great job recruiting us sisters to set it all up. Kelley (my middle sister) and I created a rustic dessert table in the center of the bridge.

Leigh and Austin had witnessed a proposal at this very spot on their first date, so it was a special place to the both of them.

Kelley, and I had a fun time fending off silly skateboarding teenagers, and generally shooing people away! These are the photos I grabbed with my phone, but there was a *real* super-sneaky photographer taking pictures for them as well.

Austin is still getting used to being in the family with a blogger..

Monday, July 23, 2012

Life in the in-between

Hi friends. I know I need to offer you an apology for my ill-explained, err, not explained at all absence. I have received several sweet inquiries and encouragements, checking in to see if everything is all right. And, the answer is.. yes! 

I tend to be an internal processor, and that's just what I was up to...

Our little family will soon be embarking on a new journey, to a new city, and I just needed a moment to gather my bearings in the midst of all this change. Thanks to everyone for your support! I'll be a little more forthright in the next couple of weeks, but for now, all I can say is exciting things are coming!

p.s. I finally found some time to fiddle a bit with my new camera !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's ok.

A little while ago I started taking pictures of Selah every night after she goes to sleep. It started off as a way for me to capture the quickly fading evidence of her baby-ness, but it's become a comforting nightly ritual for me. I enjoy sneaking into her room for one last peek before bedtime, and I sometimes imagine little captions for nighttime poses.

I shared this on Sashes to the Merchants a few days ago, but I'm pretty sure she'd tell me It's ok. 

It's ok.

It's ok to be behind.
It's ok to have unanswered e-mails.
It's ok not to respond to every Instagram tag.

It's ok to turn off your computer for 3 days.. (or not blog for 2 weeks.)
It's ok if you want to quit.
It's ok to turn down business. 

You don't have to feel guilty for fully engaging in your tangible life.

Stomp in puddles.
Grill out with your family.
Swim until you are pruney. 

And then, if you want..
Make something for yourself.
Make something that is so bad it's funny.
Make something just for fun.

It's ok.
You have my permission.

Lots of love,