Thursday, October 18, 2012

Real Estate 101

Do you know what it's like to try to sell your house, while living with a toddler?!
...Maybe you super-moms do, but I didn't! It's hard!

I am constantly fighting off the ever-lingering poop smell, and trying to pick up messes all-day-long.

We went quite a while without any showings at all. So, after being cooped up a few days (and accumulating quite a mess) I decided we should get out and run some errands. I debated whether or not to clean before we left, but I decided to chance it JUST THIS ONE TIME.

It goes without saying, then, that as I was in the checkout lane at the grocery store that a lovely realtor called and asked if I would mind a last minute showing of the house... in about 45 minutes.

AHHHHH! I raced home (got stuck in a massive traffic jam), took a clever back route through my little town, and flew past the police station about 12mph too fast. As soon as it happened,  I knew it was too late. I knew I was going to see those flashing red lights, so I panicked and turned on my windshield wipers in an attempt to...blend in? I don't know. I just..knew I couldn't slam on my breaks, so I had to do something!

Yep. I got pulled over. I sputtered and talked a million miles an hour about dirty dishes, and my sleeping baby, my house showing, how I was only three block away from my house.....and I think the officer just wanted me to shut up, because he sent me on my way before I could even finish.


The lovely (and well-trusted) neighbor was in her yard, so I asked her to keep an eye on Selah as she napped in the car, and I raced through the house and completed the world's fastest house tidying. I felt adrenaline in my fingertips, friends. There was no time for crying, just shoving dishes in the oven, throwing trashbags out the back door, and furious frantic cleaning.

The showing lasted less than 10 minutes. It was a single guy. He didn't did my grandma-chic vibe, or the chandelier in the bedroom. Oy vey.

p.s. We have since accepted an offer on the house! Fingers crossed the rest of the process goes through smoothly. I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I love being a mom more than I ever even imagined I would or could. Lately, I just find myself laughing and laughing, and wishing these days would last forever. Even silly little moments, like asking about Selah's snack preference make me smile and promise myself to remember these tidbits forever.

p.s. We still haven't moved yet
p.p.s. We still haven't sold our (ADORABLE) house yet
p.p.s. The first is obviously related to the second!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Insta-shopping Network

Guuuyys. I've had such a blast buying (& selling) on Instagram lately, I just had to share. It's great to be in a little group of moms with similar aesthetics, and who aren't trying to gouge on shipping prices *cough, cough* (like EBay).

My 'personal' Instagram tag is @OutOfAlabaster and my 'shop' tag is @AlabasterCloset. Come take a peek and say hello!

I have some adorable holiday dresses available right now!