Saturday, December 1, 2012

House Tour 2.0

Well friends, here it is. Out own little parcel of dirt. We're finally moved out of our home, and settled temporarily while our home is being built. We were terrified that it might take forever to sell in our little bitty town, but it surprised us all and flew off the market at a great price. Moving is the pits ya'll! We are thankful beyond measure to be surrounded by loving friends and family, all who are pitching in to make this transition as easy as possible! Our home should be finished in February, and until then we're building memories with my sweet parents.

Am I excited about our new home? Yes! I think it will be perfect for us. Although I will say that I never expected to settle on a new construction home in one billion years. Honestly, it is exactly what I was opposed to when we began looking.

We looked and looked. At places close to Daniel's work, in the country, foreclosures, suburbs  historical homes, and on and on. At some point we realized that much of our life in the past four years has been about the home we just sold. We loved that little historical treasure back to life, but it took us years of working, and saving, and doing project after project to finally complete our home. Somehow that little house became attached to my identity. Silly, I know.

Simply put, we didn't feel led to go in that direction again for our new home. This upcoming season will be one of enjoying our time together as a family and focusing on doing things together, other than re-doing a house. So, we decided on a new construction home. This affords us the ease of moving in a clean (gasp), finished (gasp) home, and simply unpacking our boxes.

I'm still coming to terms with living in an actual neighborhood, in a suburb, in a 'new' house. All of those things feel foreign, but I know that what we've decided is best. I'll get to pick the paint colors, and make decisions regarding the flooring, and counters, etc.. which will be fun!

I'll keep you posted on construction and our fun antics in the meanwhile!

Lots of love,