Monday, March 11, 2013

On home(less) ness.

I've been missing you guys lately. I'm a natural introvert, especially during times of stress, transition, and uncertainty.. and I think that was the real reason behind my little blogging lull.

Sometimes I just need a bit of quiet to get my thoughts and my heart together. Blogging is something that I do to connect with others, and just like in real-life relationships there can be trials and strife when relationships become close. I just haven't had much practice in dealing with the intricacies of negotiating relationships with people I feel close to but have never met in 'real life', so my first reaction to hurt feelings and strange feelings of discord was simply to turn off this part of my life. Maybe it wasn't the best decision, but it certainly proved to me that just like I would call a friend and make-up over a cup of coffee, that it's time to put on my big girl blogging panties, confess my heart, ask for forgiveness and blog on!

My little (big) girl is just growing like a little weed! This was her first ice-cream cone. I think it's obvious that she's now 100% thrilled about me taking pictures of her..

Let me catch you up on the most recent happenings of our crazy move to Dallas:

  • Our adorable little blue bungalow sold really quickly. So quickly that we had to move in with my parents and send all of our things into storage while we began building our new house. 
  • Daniel is working away during the week, and coming home on the weekends :( We are going on our fourth month of commuting like this, and it's hard!
  • That house that should have been built already..yeah. They never even started it. 120 days, a fat deposit, and the builder didn't even have our foundation poured. Super scammy booo!
  • We found a 'new' old house to restore! By 'we' I mean Daniel did. I thought he was a crazy goon who wanted to buy a house that others were just going to tear down. 
How is it that we went from building a brand new home to buying the oldest one we could find? I'm still not sure, but I can say that I'm 100% in love.. with this house, and with my sweet husband who spotted & inquired about this house months before it ever went on the market. It has all the makings of being a place of warmth and love, and through all of the negotiations, repair bids, appraisals, re-appraisals, and further negotiations, I never allowed myself to fully accept that it could really be ours. But Daniel did. He did from the beginning. He wasn't willing to settle, he fought diligently with sound reason and much prayer. I almost cant believe it, but it's finally settled. Papers are being signed, and restoration will soon begin on our 'new' home!
These are some little mock-ups I made of the renovated exterior. Do you have a favorite?

For now, we are blooming where we are planted, enjoying lots of time with our family, and looking forward to the new adventures around the corner. I promise to keep you posted! 

Lots of love,


  1. What incredible mock-ups! Your home is a beauty! So excited for your journey!

    I've also been in a bloggy funk. Pondering it all I guess. I still love writing and connecting. I just need to focus on that and forget all the rest!

  2. Hey. I like picture number one. Best wishes for where you are in this season of your life. Life is basically going from one change to another. I have learned to search for little blessings to keep my sanity.
    I can't wait to see how y'all restore your new old house. I really like what you did with the first one. Take lots of pictures.
    Cheri from Twitter

  3. So excited to see you back! And that house? So jealous of it! xo

  4. omgosh! i luv luv luv it!! absolutely perfect! i like the last one. i like the contrast of the cedar shingles against the blue. i just know yall are gonna make it perfectly cozy!

  5. Beautiful home! That's so impressive that your husband could see all of the potential in that home.

    They all look great but I think the last one - with just the dormer having wood shakes on it - is my favorite.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

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