Thursday, April 18, 2013


There's something about raising your baby somewhere that makes it feel like home.

West, TX is that place for us.

Please pray tonight. That the lost be found, the the injured be healed, and that the hurting families be comforted.

I can't tell you how wonderful a place West is, and was for us. A modern day Mayberry. A place where keys left in your front door are just that.. A simple oops.

We sold our first home, a little blue Czech bungalow just a couple of short months ago-- it's blocks from the blast area. I was stopped in my tracks to hear the news last night, to see houses I RECOGNIZED on fire, the little track I walked when I was 41weeks pregnant, now flooded with ambulances as a community-wide triage staging area.

We called our neighbors last night-most are safe (still trying to get in touch with some) but their hearts and windows are broken. So many more weren't as fortunate.

**update** it is believed one of our neighbors & long-time friend is deceased. He was a first-responder & volunteer firefighter.