Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The porch!

Taaada!! The porch is finished! Well, there is a bit of painting and staining still to do, but we are celebrating the victories here friends :)

Remember when it looked like this? Eeek. I can't tell you how many people have walked by and given us compliments/ confessed that they have been scared of this house for as long as they can remember! It's really fun to see how invested the community is in seeing it restored. 

Unfortunately, the brick columns were beyond repair. They look ok here from the front, but the white brick actually is just a facade, and the red brick behind it all was crumbling and deteriorated. So, we made the decision to knock them out completely to restore the structural integrity of the porch.

I love this little angled detail by the front door! We actually laid the boards this way to save a bit of money on 2x4s (since the shorter ones are cheaper), but I think it's just such a special detail. We'll stain the porch eventually and remove the screen door.


One step closer! The house has just been insulated, and we will have sheetrock going in tomorrow. Yay!