About Me

My name is Lindsey, and I am the mother to one long-awaited little girl, Selah Michelle, and wife of one long-patient husband, Daniel. I love to create beautiful things with my hands, be it sewing, crafting, gardening, cooking or decorating my home.

I am a two-time graduate of Baylor University, but am beyond blessed to be homemaker for this season of life. I cherish the opportunity to be the full-time curator of my home, caretaker of my daughter, and helpmate to my husband. I run an Etsy shop selling custom silhouette portraits.

We live in a little blue bungalow, in a teeny tiny town, smack-dab in the middle of Texas. I know my neighbors, have a barn, and eat tomatos from my own back yard. Yet, I adore mid-century design asthetic, traveling, and dim sum. If we're being honest, I crave dumplings... in all forms really.

I know what your thinking.."Ok, I think you're (insert complimentary adjective here), but what's with the blog name??"

Out Of Alabaster. Umm. I'm not sure I get it.

There is a story in the Bible about a woman named Mary Magdeline. Mary has a box which is made of a precious stone called alabaster.  It is filled with expensive fragrant oil, and it's her most valuable possession. One evening, as Jesus was eating dinner with his friends, Mary comes to him and breaks her box of perfume at his feet as a sign of worship. Her love flowed Out of Alabaster. The other people at the dinner ridiculed Mary for this wasteful act, but Jesus said what she had done would be told in memory of her wherever the gospel was preached throughout the world.

Well, I don't have an alabaster box. In fact, I'm completely Out of Alabaster. I'm fairly certain they don't even sell alabaster at any stores near me.

I may be Out of Alabaster, but that doen't mean I can't worship with what I do have. The the things nearest to my heart are:  my family, my home, the beauty I find around me, and the beauty that I make with my hands. It's these things that I want to share as an act of worship.

Thanks for stopping by; I'd love to get to know you more. You can always leave me a comment, or e-mail me at Lindsey@OutOfAlabaster.com